STUDENT-ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Men's Basketball's Drew Lehman

STUDENT-ATHLETE SPOTLIGHT: Men's Basketball's Drew Lehman

By Nichole Boehnke

Drew Lehman
Men's Basketball - Guard

As his junior year came to a close, Drew Lehman solidified himself as one of the conference's top guards by being named today to the All-GLIAC Second Team.

His played helped the Bulldogs finish the year by winning three of their last four contests in the 2013-14 season.

The junior had the most points on the team with 364 this season, averaging 14.0 a game. He placed second in steals with 21 on the year, trailing closely behind teammate Dietrich Lever.

Lehman is from Toledo, Ohio, and follows in his father's footsteps of playing college basketball. Lehman said he always thought it was cool that his father played at the University of Toledo and appreciated his support and motivation through his own college decisions.

During his first year as a Bulldog, Lehman played in all 27 games and finished with 160 points and 39 assists. He started all games his sophomore year, averaging 13.1 points and 2.4 assists a game.

The men's basketball team closed the season with a 78-66 league home win over Saginaw Valley State this past Saturday.

According to Drew

Why did you decide to come to Ferris?

"The main reason was for the scholarship opportunities. I also came on a couple of visits and it looked like a nice campus and I got along well with the guys currently on the team so it was an overall good fit."

What has been your favorite memory from competing for Ferris?

"My favorite memory is from my freshman year. We played Grand Valley twice and won both games, the final being for the GLIAC North Championship."

What is the highlight of the season for you?

"It's kind of hard to say, but at the beginning of the season we had a five game winning streak. It was fun to play so well and start the season off with a 5-0 record in the league."

What is your favorite thing about being on the men's basketball team here at Ferris?

"I enjoy having other people to celebrate with when we're successful and to cope with after losses. It's better that way than individual sports like cross country and golf where it's more difficult to deal with losses."

Do you have any talents or interesting hobbies?

"I'm told I'm pretty good at country karaoke."

When did you first start playing basketball?

"Actually, I was in love with baseball first. My sophomore year of high school though we had a pretty good basketball team and were able to win the city league championship. That's when I started to flip my focus and decided I wanted to play college basketball."

Favorite Movie … Law Abiding Citizen 

Favorite Television Show … 2 and A Half Men

Favorite place to visit/vacation … Higgins Lake

Favorite home-cooked food … Barbeque Ribs

Favorite professional athlete … JJ Redick

Favorite sport besides basketball … Baseball