Ferris State Press Conference Quotes


Coach Bob Daniels
Opening Statement: "The game unfolded pretty much how we anticipated from the standpoint where we thought it would be a pretty evenly played game. Certainly, the goaltenders from both teams played exceedingly well. We're definitely very proud of what C.J. (Motte) accomplished tonight. He got some good support tonight. It's not a surprise it came down to a one-goal difference."
On Ferris State's motivation for Saturday's game: "They're going to be motivated as it is. A chance to go to the Frozen Four is all the motivation. For the fans, there's an added motivation with upper echelon programs like Wisconsin and North Dakota. With college hockey, the teams are evenly matched—any of the four teams could come out [of this regional]. There is not a lot to differentiate teams now."
On penalty kill: "[Assistant coach] Mark Kaufman runs the penalty kill for us. We started off a little slow, but the second half has been pretty good. Obviously, we get a lift and a momentum shift when we kill those penalties. We created some other opportunities and it looked better than it has in a while."
On previously playing Colgate: "We didn't look at the first two games because the teams have evolved since then. In particular, we paid attention to their power play. They burned us a lot before with that. Having familiarity with them and the Spinks [brothers] helped quite a bit."
Scott Czarnowczan (Senior, Defenseman)
On the performance of team: "We kneFrw we had to start getting in front of shots out there. This is playoff hockey—you have to get out there and do anything you can. Everyone's got to step up and play their role."
On goaltender C.J. Motte: "He's always good. He might have been better today. He did really good with his rebounds today which helped us defensively—where he put him, where he placed them. You didn't have to worry about a third guy and that helped us a lot."
Cory Kane (Senior, Forward)
On effort: "We pride ourselves on the little things. In playoff hockey, anything can change the game. It's important to get in front."
Garrett Thompson (Senior, Forward)
On effort: "C.J. Motte is an outstanding goaltender. Getting in front of [shots] makes his job a little bit easier. Guys are just going to sacrifice any limb at this point of the game."