"MEET THE BULLDOGS" - Senior Women's Golfer Ashley Swanson

"MEET THE BULLDOGS" - Senior Women's Golfer Ashley Swanson

By Nicole Boehnke

Ashley Swanson

Women's Golf

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Opening the spring with a 10th-place finish recently in Daytona, Fla., senior Ashley Swanson is confident midst her final season on the women's golf team.

Swanson from Flushing, Mich. is now a fifth year senior on the golf team after recovering from a back injury. Last season, she was able to total a score of 251 after three rounds to finish 32nd in the NCAA Division II East Regionals as a part of the Ferris women's golf team. Ferris State took a seventh-place finish overall to end their 2012-13 season.

She also helped the team claim five second-place finishes in their fall 2013 season, including a first-place finish at the Indianapolis tournament in competition with some of the highest ranked teams in the league.

Their spring season opened March 13 at the Southwest Minnesota State Spring Invitational in Daytona Beach, Fla. The women's golf team claimed the team championship and Swanson and her teammates all had top 13 finishes in the event.

Presently, the Bulldogs have placed among the top three teams in all five of their tournaments to date this spring as the season continues.

According to Ashley

Why did you decide to come to Ferris?

"I signed the summer before my senior year. I felt like I was supposed to be here because of how well I connected with the coach and team."

What has been your favorite memory from competing for Ferris this season?

"We just went down to Daytona, Fla. over Spring Break and won. We have three seniors on the team and we all get along great. It's really starting to sink in that this is it, so we are all trying to enjoy every minute. During this trip, we also had the chance to go to the beach, so it wasn't all golf."

How do you see your role on the team?

"I consider myself a strong leader on the team along with the other seniors. I like to be the person that if any of the girls need anything they can always call me. Since I'm the eldest on the team, everyone calls me mom and knows that I'm there for them."

What are your favorite parts about being on the women's golf team at Ferris?

"We're one big dysfunctional family. With such a small group we know everything about each other. I love having such a close-knit group when we are traveling and away from home so much."

Do you have any talents or interesting hobbies?

"I enjoy reading if I have the time. I like non-fictions and biographies, anything about real life events."

How did you get started with golf?

"My mom and dad signed me up for a 5-hole event when I was 10. I didn't like it at first because I hated waking up so early that my mom would have to drag me there. After a while though I got into it because I liked winning so then I started to focus more."

Favorite Movie …   Tommy Boy 

Favorite Television Show … Grey's Anatomy

Favorite place to visit/vacation … Scotland

Favorite home-cooked food … Homemade Mac n' Cheese

Favorite professional athlete … Jason Dufner

Favorite sport besides hockey … Hockey