This questionnaire is designed to provide the department with feedback on your experience. Please be honest, knowing your feedback will be used as a learning tool.

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                                                                     Head Coach

The questions below pertain to your respective head coach:
Acts with honor and integrity
Demonstrates a solid understanding of the skills, mechanics & strategies of my sport
Communicates an inspiring vision and long-term plan for team/program
Cares about my overall success and well-being as a person, not just as an athlete
Sets high expectations for me and helps me achieve them
Clearly and effectively communicates with me
Demonstrates a consistent approach to coaching
Displays a real passion and enthusiasm for coaching
Helps me feel like I can accomplish my goals
Brings a consistent and productive demeanor to practices and competition
Conducts him/herself in a professional and respectable manner
Admits his/her mistakes and errors when they occur
Works hard and puts in necessary time to build/maintain a successful program
Handles discipline issues in a firm, fair, and consistent manner
Additional comments regarding coaching:


The questions below pertain to Strength and Conditioning:
Our strength and conditioning program helped me achieve peak performance
The weight room provided me with adequate training equipment
Additional comments regarding Strength & Conditioning:

The questions below pertain to Sports Medicine:
My staff athletic trainer was approachable
My staff athletic trainer was knowledgeable
My staff athletic trainer was timely and efficient
My staff athletic trainer was professional
The student trainers were effective
The student trainers were professional
The team physicians were respected by athletes
Overall, I was satisfied with my service in the training room
Additional comments regarding Sports Medicine:

The questions below pertain to Equipment:
Our equipment was up to date
Our equipment was well maintained and organized
The laundry service was convenient and helpful
Additional comments regarding Equipment:

The questions below pertain to Academic Support:
My coach supported me academically
My coach stressed the importance of education
I felt like I could get help when I needed it
Study table was time well spent
Additional comments regarding Academic Support:

The questions below pertain to Administration:
I understood what the NCAA and school expected of me
I felt supported by the athletic director and his staff
I felt I could find help if I needed it
Additional comments regarding Administration:

The questions below pertain to Educational Experience:
I feel prepared for the real world
I'm excited to start my profession
I enjoyed my educational experience at FSU
Additional comments regarding Educational Experience:

General Comments Section:
If you have any additional comments, please provide them at this time: