Men's Tennis Takes Part In Toledo Rocket Invitational

Men's Tennis Takes Part In Toledo Rocket Invitational

Big Rapids, Mich. - The Ferris State University men's tennis team continued fall action over the weekend by taking part in the Toledo Rocket Invitational in Toledo, Ohio.

The two-day tournament was part of Homecoming Weekend festivities around Toledo's campus, and featured competition from Toledo, Ferris State, IUPUI and Wayne State. Play was delayed on both days as rain forced Friday's matches indoors. Saturday's slate moved back outdoors, but didn't start until noon so the courts could dry. These postponements forced some matches to be played as one set.

Below are results from the Bulldogs' competitions in the event.  Winners are listed in bold.


Ferris State vs IUPUI
5 singles matches
Laurent Galarneau (FSU) vs Thomas Gans 8-5
Sergiu Laza (FSU) vs Armaan Choudhary 8-3
Tyler Marengo (FSU) vs Louis Sacks 8-2
Otto Keresztes (FSU) vs Jacob Bradley 6-8
Razvan Mag (FSU) vs Patrick O'Neill 8-2

Ferris State vs Wayne State
5 singles matches
Tyler Marengo (FSU) vs Aman Gill 5-8
Otto Keresztes (FSU) vs Mohamed Fazyl 8-6
Aaron Dial (FSU) vs Trey Keating 8-5
Cam Muller (FSU) vs Melvin Joseph 6-8
Will Huntington (FSU) vs Tim Gaul 8-9(7)

Toledo vs Ferris State
4 doubles matches
Stillman/Stuardo vs Galarneau/Laza (FSU) 8-3
Wong/Cona vs Mag/Marengo (FSU) 9-8(5)
Brocker/Adams vs Dial/Keresztes (FSU) 8-4
Meza/Wareti vs Huntington/Muller (FSU) 8-2

Ferris State vs Wayne State
4 doubles matches
Galarneau/Laza (FSU) vs Gill/Joseph 8-3
Mag/Marengo (FSU) vs Ducret/Keating 8-6
Dial/Keresztes (FSU) vs Fitzgerald/Fazyl 3-8
Huntington/Muller (FSU) vs Gaul/Gamarra 8-3


Ferris State vs IUPUI
3 doubles matches
Galarneau/Laza (FSU) vs O'Neill/Jaruvang 6-8
Mag/Marengo (FSU) vs Shafer/Gans 6-8
Keresztes/Muller (FSU) vs Bradley/Hedderig 8-4

Toledo vs Ferris State "B" Singles
Grant Adams vs Razvan Mag (FSU) 6-4; 6-1
Bryant Dudzik vs Otto Keresztes (FSU) 6-7(6); 3-6
Ryan Jorgensen vs Aaron Dial (FSU) 3-6; 6-0; 10-3

Toledo vs Ferris State "A" Singles
Tomas Stillman vs Laurent Galarneau (FSU) 7-5; 6-3
Francisco Stuardo vs Sergiu Laza (FSU) 6-2; 6-4
Ben Brocker vs Tyler Marengo (FSU) 6-3; 6-1

Ferris State vs Wayne State "B" Singles
Aaron Dial (FSU) vs Oscar Gamarra 4-8
Will Huntington (FSU) vs Trey Keating 4-8
Cam Muller (FSU) vs Tim Gaul 6-8

Ferris State vs Wayne State "A" Singles
Laurent Galarneau (FSU) vs Thomas Ducret 8-2
Sergiu Laza (FSU) vs Michael Fitzgerald 8-5
Otto Keresztes (FSU) vs Melvin Joseph 7-9